Staying Motivated With SnoreGym

Lifestyle, Mouth exercises | Nov 1, 2019

If you have downloaded SnoreGym, congratulations! You have just unlocked a new exercise regime that could very well stop your snoring.

But …

We’ve all been there, starting out a new healthy habit with the best of intentions only for it to become neglected and eventually fizzle out into nothing. Whether it’s the gym in January or some other new-year-new-you resolution, new things are hard to stick to!

So what are the best ways to stay motivated with your new exercise regime?

1. Let SnoreGym remind you

Sometimes, despite our best intentions we simply forget. New routines are hard to establish so it is perfectly normal to forget to slot in those exercises when you meant to.

So, let us take care of that.

Helpfully, SnoreGym has a reminders feature. You can set as many reminders as you want and tailor them to repeat on certain days of the week at any time you please. SnoreGym will give you a little notification, letting you know that it’s time to exercise!

2. Set goals

New routines can be hard to maintain if you don’t know what you are aiming for.

With SnoreGym the ultimate goal is fairly obvious – to stop snoring. Whilst mouth exercises certainly have the capacity to do this, it could take a while. Therefore it is a good idea to set some intermediate goals to keep yourself motivated.

Intermediate goals are a great way of breaking up a big task into smaller, more manageable chunks. Firstly, set a goal for time spent exercising. We recommend doing at least 2 workouts or 10 minutes per day, but you can adapt this to suit you.

Being able to tick these boxes every day is a great motivator. SnoreGym will also let you know how long your daily streak is, and also if you are achieving your set goals.

Yes, our thumbs up, medals and trophies we present aren’t going to change your world, they’re a handy nudge to let you know that you’re well on track!

3. Routine and regularity

For a task to become habit, it needs to be regular and part of a daily routine. Exercises done religiously, every day at 8pm are far more likely to be stuck to than randomly exercising when you feel up to it or when you have a spare 5 minutes.

We believe a great technique to get SnoreGym to become part of your routine is to stick it on to another routine – toothbrushing! Most of us brush our teeth for a few minutes at least twice a day at pretty consistent times and for a set period of time. Simply extend it for another 5 minutes and mouth exercises will be as normal as brushing your teeth. The added benefit of a mirror to check you’re doing them right will ensure you get the most from your workout.

4. Involve others

We’re not going to sugar-coat it; you will probably look a bit silly when you do SnoreGym’s workouts. So why on Earth would you want to involve anyone else? With more conventional exercises it’s understandable; going for a run with someone else is arguably more enjoyable and motivating than doing it alone.

It’s not the most glamorous form of exercise, but the same applies for SnoreGym’s workouts. We share a lot with our nearest and dearest, so why not share these workouts? Especially given that they have the potential to greatly benefit each other’s sleep.

5. Track your progress

A single 5 minute workout isn’t going to change anything. However, 5 minute workouts, done twice a day, every day for several weeks could definitely. And it’s important to see that change if you are to stay motivated.

SnoreGym’s calendar view shows you the days you’ve exercised and how much of your target you are achieving. But those values are arbitrary and a bit abstract. We want to know if it’s improving your snoring. That’s where our sister app, SnoreLab, comes in!

SnoreLab records your snoring and gives you a Snore Score at the end of the night. This score is based on how often you were snoring and at what volumes. SnoreLab allows you to tag various remedies and factors to see how they influence your snoring. If you’ve achieved your SnoreGym goal for the day, be sure to tag it in SnoreLab.

Over time, SnoreLab should start to show a downward trend in your snoring – the best motivator possible.

6. Deal with excuses

Not only do you need to lose the excuses not to exercise, it’s important to create excuses to exercise.

Instead of focussing on the negatives that prevent you from exercising, try to think of the positives if you do exercise.

The sense of achievement, getting a step closer to your goal and even noticing changes in your snoring and sleep quality – these positive motivators should be enough to help you banish the negative excuses.

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