SnoreGym’s Terms of Use

Last updated: Decomber 19, 2019

SnoreGym offers a service that uses animations to guide you through exercises for your tongue, soft palate, cheeks and jaw with a view to reducing snoring.

These Terms of Use constitute a legal agreement (the “agreement”) between you and SnoreGym, a service provided by Reviva Softworks (“us”, “we”) for the use of the SnoreGym mobile app (hereafter referred to as “the app” or “SnoreGym), the computer systems and files used by the application, and all related services, features and content provided by SnoreGym within the app, on the website or social media channels.

Acceptance of Terms

Please read this agreement carefully. By using SnoreGym’s services, you acknowledge your acceptance of and agreement to the terms in this agreement. If you do not agree to any of the terms in this agreement, please do not use the app.

We may make modifications to this agreement occasionally. Continued use of the app after the effective date of the updated version will indicate your acceptance of the new agreement.

Medical Services Disclaimer

SnoreGym is not a medical device or intended to replace professional medical advice and/or diagnosis. SnoreGym is not guaranteed to make any changes to snoring, sleep apnea or sleep quality. SnoreGym is not intended to diagnose or treat sleep apnea or any illness/medical condition. Please consult with a licensed physician before making any decisions or taking any actions that may affect your health, safety and wellbeing. Do not disregard professional advice because of anything you have seen, heard or read in the SnoreGym app, website or social media channels. If you have any questions or concerns about your snoring or general health, or any contraindications to starting a mouth exercise regime, always consult with a healthcare professional.

Creating an Account and Your Eligibility

If you are under 18, your parent or guardian must read and accept the terms of this agreement. By using the app, you confirm that your parent or guardian has read and accepted the terms.

Your Use of The App, Website and Other Communication Channels

You are responsible for all your activity within the app. If you submit feedback via the app or directly via the support email channels, you are responsible for these communications as outlined in SnoreGym’s Privacy Policy.

We collect certain information when you use our website, answer questionnaires or engage with us via social media. This information is collected and use of these channels is not to be considered private. Information as to what this data includes, why it is collected and how it is handled by us and others can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Breaches of The Terms of Use

You agree that if you do any of the following, you are in breach of this agreement:

  1. Sell, rent, lease, loan, sublicense, distribute or transfer the rights to the app or associated content;
  2. Modify, reverse engineer or disassemble the app;
  3. Copy, adapt, modify, translate the app without our consent;
  4. Permit others to use the app in a manner that is in breach of the terms of this agreement;
  5. Disable any measures in the app that are designed for protection of intellectual property;
  6. Attempt to navigate around measures adopted to control access to content protected by copyright;
  7. To compile data in a way that is usable by a competitor product/service;

Any such use shall immediately terminate your license to use the app.

Required Equipment

Full use of SnoreGym’s service requires the use of a mobile device or tablet computer with internet access and adequate software/hardware specifications. The maintenance and security of your device may impact upon the performance of SnoreGym. It is your responsibility to check your equipment’s suitability to deliver the app’s features.

Use of Mobile Devices

Please note that your mobile provider’s normal data charges apply when using SnoreGym on a mobile device not over Wi-Fi.

App Purchase

We offer SnoreGym as a paid service. After choosing to purchase SnoreGym and confirming your purchase, payment will be charged to your credit/debit card through your iTunes/App Store or Google Play/Play Store account. SnoreGym does not handle any payment or payment information and all refunds must be applied for via iTunes/App Store or the Play Store.

Children’s Privacy

By its nature, our app is unlikely to attract children aged sixteen (16) years old or younger, and we do not intentionally market to or interact with them. If you believe that a child under 16 has provided personal data to SnoreGym, please contact our support team on and we will aim to delete this information.

Intellectual Property Rights

We allow you a license to access SnoreGym for personal and non-commercial use in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

Any rights that are not permitted within this agreement are reserved by Reviva Softworks. If you wish to use any features of SnoreGym’s app for non-personal purposes, including but not limited to software, name, logo, domain name, unique terminologies or any feature associated with the SnoreGym brand, you must obtain permission from the company. You can request this by contacting

License to User Content

By using the app and providing us with statistical content, you allow SnoreGym to use this anonymized data worldwide and royalty-free, with permission to distribute, copy, modify and publicly display this content with a view to providing and operating the app, and for SnoreGym’s promotional purposes. All content outlined here is subject to the details within our Privacy Policy.

Use at Your Own Risk

Our goal is to help you perform mouth exercises to reduce your snoring, however the app cannot guarantee any improved outcomes. We make no assertions as to the efficacy of our workouts and you agree that the app is not intended to serve the same purpose as a medical device. Your use of the app and any information provided are at your sole risk.

Connection to SnoreLab

Within our partner app, SnoreLab, you are given the option to synchronise data with SnoreGym. Use of the SnoreLab app is subject to the SnoreLab app Terms of Use.

Third Party Services

The SnoreGym app, website and social media channels may give you access to third party websites, products or services. We do not control the practices of these third parties in any way hence do not assume any liability with use of these services. It is your responsibility to take appropriate steps in determining the suitability of using third party services, and to protect your personal information and privacy.

Providing Feedback

We read every feedback message and are committed to the continued improvement of the app. Any communications you send to us are submitted on a non-confidential basis unless you explicitly request otherwise. You agree that we may disseminate this communication at our own discretion and that we utilize this content which can include revising, modifying and contextually changing as appropriate.

Changes to the App

We are always looking to improve the service SnoreGym provides, hence, occasionally and without prior notice we may change, expand or improve the app. We may also at any time cease to operating part or all of the app or selectively disable certain features. Your use does not entitle you to continued availability of all features.


You agree to hold SnoreGym and its employees harmless from any claims, actions, demands, liabilities including but not limited to any reasonable legal/accounting fees resulting from your violation of this agreement.

Copyright Notice and Takedown Procedures

If you believe that any content within the app infringes your copyright, you may request it be removed for the app by providing the following information:

  1. Identification of the copyrighted material you believe to be infringed. This requires a description of the material and its location.
  2. Identification of the material you believe to be infringing and its location. Provide a description and a URL or any information that can help us locate the material.
  3. Your details including a name, address, telephone number and email address if available.
  4. A statement that you have reasonable certainty that the use of such material was not authorized by the copyright owner.
  5. A statement that the information you have supplied is accurate indicating that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.
  6. A signature or the copyright owner or an authorized representative.


If you have any questions or comments about anything within this Terms of Use agreement please contact us via